About Us

As a small and concerned Project Management practice I/we provide the best in mining support services.

I/we will only bring the best people to your company and provide a service that we believe will be equal to no other.

Laatloop Global Mining Services

As Managing Director I see the need in the world mining industry for highly skilled, mature individuals to assist construction and mining operations to improve themselves – call it Business Improvement/Change Management. I/We will come to you with a very simple philosophy:


/lɑːt ˈlu:p/

1. (Afrikaans, informal) run with no restrictions.

Our no restrictions approach means that I/we will use our wealth of experience to find the best way to either move forward through a tough period or to further improve your bottom line to the benefit of all shareholders.

I/we only ask that you see the need for improvement/change and desire that change to happen as quickly as possible.

I/we work in the areas of:

  • project studies,
  • construction of mining/processing projects and
  • operational optimization in mining, Maintenance (Fixed/Mobile), Processing and Safety/QA/Environmental.

I/we only look for contracts where both parties have set goals and we agree on those goals. When I/we have achieved the goals/targets to your satisfaction it is then your choice to continue with further projects or to finalize the contract. I/we are all achievers and would prefer to move onto the next task and achieve.

All of our contracts will be simple to read and to administer with set guidelines for both parties. I/we are “mature” meaning they have considerable experience, skills and know-how. One of our prime focuses will be to mentor and handover to suitable personnel at the end of the contract.

If you have areas in your construction/operations that require debottlenecking then I am the best person to call as your first and best choice.

LGMS also has a second string in its bow namely Mining Consumable Trading. If you are looking for mining consumables of good quality and good price then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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