All of our contracts will be simple to read and to administer with set guidelines for both parties. We will never guarantee we have the only person for the role but we will strive at all times to provide the best person.

All of our employees are “mature” meaning they have considerable experience, skills and know-how.

We only look for short-term/medium-term contracts where both parties have set goals and we agree on those goals. When we have achieved the goals/targets to your satisfaction it is then your choice to continue with further projects or to finalise the contract. We are not looking for contracts that lead to retirement! We are all achievers and would prefer to move onto the next contract and achieve.

All of our contracts will be simple to read and to administer with set guidelines for both parties.

We understand that most companies work under their own policies and procedures that vary from company to company. We will work under the company requirements and, due to our extensive experience, we can assist in improving as and where required. We also understand that many countries have different rules and regulations and we therefore work with the company and will not step outside country rules. As an example, some companies/countries prefer to develop their own contracts based on country standards whereas others prefer we develop the contract for them. Similarly some companies prefer we work under a local subcontractor or directly for the client as an employee.

We are open to all alternatives and will work with the client to determine the best way to proceed.

Laatloop GMS aims to provide the best service to Clients based on our Core Principles:

  • A Consultative Approach in conjunction with our Clients to clearly identify needs, objectives and outcomes.
  • Measurability developed and agreed with the client relating to success criteria prior to contract commencement.
  • Depending upon the type of contract we work towards Ideal Optimisation with relation to production/costs/safety.
  • We work in a complete Honest & Open Environment, oppose corruption and work with staff in a mentoring and guiding manner.
  • At contract completion we will have Close Out sessions with relevant staff to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the outcome and the way forward.

These core principles are achieved by having highly experienced, focused and dedicated personnel and working with the Client in a win-win situation to achieve the best outcomes.

As Laatloop means, we at LGMS will place no restrictions on finding the best way for the client to achieve.

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