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Newsletter #1

Welcome the the new Laatloop Global Mining Services website.

This edition of our newsletter contains: a bit about us – our current staff – a few featured projects – a bit about the new website

So who are and what is Laatloop Global Mining Services?

As Managing Director I saw a need in the world mining industry for highly skilled, mature individuals to assist construction and mining operations to improve themselves – call it Business Improvement/Change Management. We will come to you with a very simple philosophy:


/lɑːt ˈlu:p/

1. (Afrikaans, informal) run with no restrictions.

Our no restrictions approach means that our team of mature construction and mining specialists will use our wealth of experience to find the best way to either move forward through a tough period or to further improve your bottom line to the benefit of all shareholders.

Our Team

Currently our team members are:

  • Graeme Chester, Managing Director
  • David Lau Kar Loong, Company Secretary
  • Roger Yuen, Consultant

Visit our Team page to read more about each team member.

Our mature team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience, so feel free to Contact Us any of us for more information, or just to have a chat.

Our Projects

Our feature projects for the edition are:

  • Jimblebar Iron Ore Mine (Construction): Between 1995 to 2006 LGMS was employed by two contractors at Jimblebar, NW Western Australia.
  • Ranger Uranium Mine (Studies): Between 1989 to 1991 LGMS was employed by Ranger Uranium in the Northern Territory of Australia to lead the design team for preparation of Ranger III upon completion of the Ranger II Pit.
  • Client’s representative Mongolia (Operations): While in Mongolia between 2004 to 2006 LGMS was employed by one of the major banks to be Director of their gold division.

Choose a project category in the menu above, or visit our Location Map to see more of our projects.

The New Website

We have set up our new website to showcase some of the many successful projects we have completed, to provide information about our services and to share our knowledge of the mining industry.

Browse our website using the menus above or visit our Sitemap to see how the website is structured.

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